Veglio's Grappa and Dolcetto d'Alba

Posted on 27 March 2015

Veglio Michelino e Figlio's Dolcetto d'Alba is a DOC red wine that has been carefully selected for wine drinkers who are sensitive to red wine. The Dolcetto d'Alba is made from 100% Dolcetto grapes in Montelupo Albese, Piedmont. The grapes are extensively cared for while still on the vines to maintain optimal quality. The grapes are harvested between the third and fourth weeks of September. Grapes are placed through a soft pressing followed by fermentation which takes place at a controlled temperature in stainless steel barrels. The wine matures in the bottle for four months. Special attention is given to these grapes during the production process to ensure the wine is completely pure. It is has an intense ruby red color with a vinous and fruity bouquet. The Dolcetto d'Alba is a dry, harmonic wine with a light and pleasant sourness. This wine is suitable for everyday meals and should be served at room temperature.

Veglio Grappa di Barolo is made by distilling the pomace, which is the grape and grape seed oil, grown in the region of Veglio's Barolo wine. The Grappa is then poured into barrels where it remains for two years. It is then transferred to oak barrels or oak tonneaus to complete the aging process. Grappa di Barolo has aromas and flavors derived from oak where it matured. Grappa di Barolo can be served with ice in a shot glass for a crisp taste or as a digestivo. Immediately following espresso, pour 150 mL of Grappa into the espresso cup, swish and enjoy! 

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