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The word and a handshake are still meaningful in the area of Southern Italy, where the lack of industrialization has left a legacy of green hills, pristine beaches, uncontaminated groundwater and an environment not attacked by chemical pollutants. It is there, near the Ionian coast of Catanzaro, in the middle of the Gulf of Squillace, that you can find the Migliarese Family.  For decades they have poured their passion for healthy food and devotion for hard work into creating fine products that families can enjoy knowing they are produced with care and attention to keeping their final product as natural as possible. A fair and perfect balance, then, between maximum respect for nature, its cycles and harmony, as well as technical awareness are what you will find in their products.  The Migliarese Family is well-respected in Calabria for their production and processing of olives, vegetables, and fresh fruit.


Their vegetables in oil, preserves, marmalades and jams and tomato puree are little treasures characterized by a strong manual and human component. The attention that was once paid at home to select the best preserved raw materials is combined with the precision and reliability of modern and innovative production facilities. The tastes and smells of agriculture have been preserved all the while applying the scrupulous observance of food safety regulations in force. All raw materials are produced on their farm: citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, eggplant, tomatoes, olives, figs, etc. The Migliarese family represents a model of proper land use and sustainable economy, with special attention to organic products, healthy eating and lifestyles on a human scale. The merits of the Mediterranean Diet, which is now protected by UNESCO, find an important point of reference on their products.


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