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A good coffee is a pleasure, blending pleasure is a ritual!

Ottobono, the new coffee brand of an historic Italian roasting company since the 40s, was born to satisfy an extremely demanding clientele with a refined taste.  Ottobono Coffee blends, enveloped in an appealing and exclusive packaging, express the art, love and tradition of a roasting company, which has always operated in full compliance with the natural features of coffee beans and the most suitable production ritual to get an excellent coffee.

Ottobono coffee blends, the result of the company’s experience and heritage, have been created to meet the needs of a high demanding clientele attentive to healthy foods and products processed with traditional methods in order to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.  

The steps to obtain Ottobono coffee blends are:
• choice of a high quality material grade
• observance of a strict production discipline with visual, olfactory and gustatory inspections
• meticulous manufacturing, where coffee is roasted for single origins and types and does not undergo any washing to return weight after roasting
• maturation of roasted coffee in environment with controlled temperature and humidity
• very quick packaging to avoid alterations of smell and aroma


Our coffee is an explosion of flavor that will satisfy the senses of our most expert customers.

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